A commitment to a child’s ongoing therapy is something that we take seriously at EPT. Each therapist cares deeply about their patients and dedicates themself to providing the highest quality of treatment and care. We know our parents and families are valued team members in their son/daughter’s therapy. In order to provide your child with the very best treatment, it is critical that a child attend every scheduled therapy appointment. Missed appointments create issues for the continuation of care and for scheduling. In an effort to decrease the number of missed appointments beginning January 1st, 2022 we will enact the following policy on appointment cancellations:

1.  If your child is unable to make their scheduled appointment for any reason the following options will be provided:

    1. Rescheduling the same week as the cancelled appointment
    2. Teletherapy the same week as the cancelled appointment
    3. Paying a $50 fee to cancel the appointment

 2. Should an appointment need to be canceled due to a COVID-19 exposure the visit will be moved to teletherapy without any cancellation fee. 

3. When travel plans are communicated with two weeks notice there will be no cancellation fee

This policy is in place out of respect for our therapists and clients.  By giving last minute notice or no notice, it prevents someone else from being able to schedule into that time slot.

We appreciate your understanding and efforts in upholding our Cancellation Policy.

Parent Participation

Due to COVID 19 we are limiting the amount of people into our clinic so parents should call when they arrive at the parking lot before entering the building. 

Provision of Supplies

If your child is being seen for feeding related goals you may be asked to bring food items to be used during your child’s therapy session. In order to meet the needs of each individual child we may ask for foods commonly used in your home. We keep a limited supply on hand that we use for initial evaluations and emergency use only. We appreciate your compliance in this matter as it is necessary for the success of your child.